Albums, Prints and Frames

Don't let your AMAZING Elopement photos stay as jpegs!

have your love story etched on the timeless pages of a beautiful album!

Celebrate the special memories of your Elopement day with something that can be passed down through generations, whispering tales of love and adventure. 

Imagine yourself and your significant other setting out on a romantic journey to exchange vows in the most stunning settings. Just pure love and unhindered excitement—no fuss, no stress. Now, imagine having an album that transports you back to those happy times and makes you feel nostalgic, allowing you to relive those special memories whenever you choose.

Wedding Albums

"Lost in Love is fantastic – Mikaela and I eloped in January 2023 and were so happy we chose them to capture our day.

The team helped us choose our celebrant, the best locations for the ceremony and the additional photos we wanted, and even took care of all the reservations and coordinated the helicopter etc. Kate was so responsive and easy to work with, a great energy, the photos look incredible, and I can’t recommend them highly enough. Thanks so much!!

- Mikaela & Ben

"I never knew how great it could be working with a content creator who GETS it. Mathilde really gets it.

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- monique, model


Queensberry Albums

As elopement planners who truly care about our beautiful couples, we've spent considerable time researching various printing companies. It is with confidence and love that we recommend Queensberry Albums, a New Zealand-based company known for their unmatched value and impeccable quality.

For your special keepsake, I highly recommend the flush mount (lay flat) album option, available in the following sizes:

12 x 9 inch (30.48 x 22.86 cm) in Linen or Faux Leather
12 x 12 inch (30.48 x 30.48 cm) in Linen or Faux Leather

12 x 9 inch (30.48 x 22.86 cm) in Genuine Leather
12 x 12 inch (30.48 x 30.48 cm) in Genuine Leather

To add a personal touch, you can choose to have your names elegantly embossed on the front cover, complemented by a wide array of captivating colors. Among my personal favorites are the leather or faux leather options in Sandstone, Brown, and Tan. If you prefer a touch of modern elegance, the linens in Pebble, Breeze, Smoke, and Riptide (shades of grey) and Taupe are perfect choices. Rest assured, the colors and fabrics selected by Queensberry exude contemporary sophistication and impeccable taste.

Album + Design   $ 1100 NZD

***+ $100 NZD for Genuine Leather options

Printing photos yourself...

When it comes to printing your elopement photos yourself, quality matters. Choose from the selection of premium papers available in the market. There are two popular finishes: matte and gloss. For vibrant and colourful images, we recommend choosing a glossy finish, but if you have a preference for a more subdued look, matte is a great choice too. If you're unsure about the outcome, request a test print to ensure the quality meets your expectations before committing to a full print set.

To ensure the perfect results for wall displays, it's advisable to start with a 6x4 print as a test before ordering larger sizes.


If you're in New Zealand, we suggest visiting Ikea, Kmart, and Briscoes, three of our favorite frame stores. You can pick the ideal frame for your elopement prints thanks to the wide range of options they have.

Consider using an in-frame mount when hanging your photos on the wall for a more elevated display. Your print's aesthetic impact can be increased and made to stand out even more by using a white mount inside the frame.

Remember that framing your elopement prints is a wonderful way to display your treasured memories and give your home a unique touch. 

Top tip:

Start by browsing for frames that match your desired look and size, and then order your prints accordingly. This approach avoids the frustration of having artwork that doesn't fit the available frames. Trust us, we've learned this lesson the hard way!

Exciting ways to share your Photos

- "We Eloped" Announcements, Postcards, and Thank You Cards.

- Crafting a personalized Wedding Album exclusively for the two of you.

- Creating a special "Parent Album" to cherish and share with Family and Friends!

- Transforming your photos into unique prints on Wood, Canvas, or Metal.

- Showcasing framed leaning prints on a mantel, bookshelf, or dedicated picture frame shelf

- Designing a Photo Gallery Accent Wall

Kate's  local knowledge of Queenstown is fantastic she provides great suggestions for vendors and locations. Photos from the day are STUNNING! We are stoked from the selection we got. Thanks again Kate!

- Hannah & Hayden



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