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Being based in Queenstown, New Zealand - one of the world's most stunning wedding destinations - we have seen our fair share of elopements, therefore we have put our collective wisdom together to create The Ultimate Queenstown Elopement Guide

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Have we got your attention?

We’re a passionate bunch of elopement converts

And if we had our day again, we’d happily swap seating-chart nightmares with the simplicity and bliss of an intimate wedding.

Thankfully we can get lost in the moment with nature-loving, adventure-seeking and memory-chasing couples like you as you live the LITERAL intimate wedding dream in arguably the world’s most stunning backdrop. #luckyducks


The ULTIMATE NZ elopement checklist

The Ultimate NZ Elopement checklist

Everything you need to tick off your NZ elopement like a wedding pro. Straight from the mountain tops of Queenstown to your hot little hands. #winning

Ready to make a move?

Let’s bring your intimate wedding vision to life 


There’s no better way to dip your toes into UNREAL elopement adventures than a low-key virtual chat. Let’s escape reality together and give you a glimpse of EVERYTHING that’s possible with us and the stunning Queenstown backdrop by your side.

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