A Travellers’ Elopement at Moke Lake, Queenstown

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Nathalie & Kevin

“The Adventure Package”

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Love Story

Nathalie and Kevin’s love story was 12 years in the making

What started as being part of the same friendship group hanging out at the beach, ended up being the most wonderful time of their lives. From the moment Kevin texted to wish Nathalie a happy birthday, things ramped up and even a bad horror movie first date couldn’t dampen the mood with these two love birds. 

Even during time spent living apart, the messages never stopped and after all these years, that genuine and honest communication became the foundation of their everlasting love.

Accommodation: The Rees Hotel / @thereeshotel

Ceremony: Moke Lake

Couple’s Photos: Cecil Peak

On the day

This couple from Holland decided to rent their house out for a year and travel the world, and while they were in Bali, they got engaged and decided that they wanted to get married in New Zealand. With their handmade engagement rings from a jewellery workshop, they contacted me and in a few short weeks, we managed to pull together an amazing elopement day. 

Together with their celebrant, Philippa Thomas, and videographer, Tom, we met with them at The Rees, where they were renting a room overlooking a lake. We had a beautiful cake, which we topped with flowers from my florist, to match Nathalie’s gorgeous spring bouquet. The flowers were wildflower inspired, and it was a perfect pairing with the gold flakes on the cake and the raspberry and lemon flavour.

After taking getting ready photos, we drove out to Moke Lake where we had a very intimate ceremony at the lakefront and nibbled the delicious cake (which is part of the adventure package! *wink) After the delish cake picnic, we headed to the airport and flew to Cecil Peak. Even though it was getting cold and windy, it didn’t stop us from getting amazing shots & since Nathalie had rented a cool vintage-inspired jacket sherpa coat from Nemo Bridal, she was toasty warm. In fact, both their rented outfits from Nemo Bridal looked amazing and since they were travelling it made sense not to buy anything.

What’s better than travelling the world with your soulmate and having the best travellers’ elopment in Moke Lake?


Celebrant: Philippa Thomas / @weddingcelebrantnz

Bridal Dress and Suit: Nemo Bridal / @nemobridal

Flowers: Bespoke weddings & Events / @bespokeweddingsandevents

Cake: Sophie Roseanna Cakes / @sophieroseannacakes

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