What to Think About When Shopping for Your Elopement Dress

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When you plan to elope, you are potentially a couple who may be into doing things a bit differently, so when it comes to finding the perfect elopement wedding dress – rules are out the window. So you can have extra fun with this part of your elopement. 

Rules like having to wear white, or even a dress are more easily put aside when you elope – you can truly style the day to your own taste as a couple and the elopement dress is no exception when it comes to this! 

This is also where you can involve your family or friends, who may be missing out when you elope – take them on a special shopping trip to find ‘the’ dress or wedding outfit so that you can have some (hopefully) honest insight as well as the feel-good factor of having them along with you. 

buying your elopement dress lost in love elopement new zealand

Here are some ideas to think about when it comes to finding an Elopement Wedding Dress


You don’t have to go for the traditional white or ivory, play around with your favourite colors which inspire you to feel your best but also keep in mind the landscape you plan to have your wedding portraits taken in. You can even bring multiple outfits if you are unsure of what you want to look your best in. At Lost in Love, we have discovered that soft, natural, earthy tones work beautifully with our dramatic mountainscapes. Also, metallics, burnt oranges and maroons are all beautiful shades of color that we have seen work well. If you love a flowing dress, bring that along as movement is always a winner in our books. 

Accessories are worth considering as well, as they can help bring a different dynamic to your photos.


Consider your wedding day timeline, and plan accordingly. This is also where you would take the weather into consideration. It is important that you are comfortable and you can move in your clothing. You want to be able to walk, breathe and sit down comfortably. If you cannot do these things in your dress or outfit, then it is not the one for you. Watch for shoulder straps that are constantly slipping as this can be a pain when taking photos or during those lingering romantic moments. 

Warmth is important as well as keeping cool if it is hot. This is where a long flowy skirt can really shine. We cannot emphasize how wonderful a flowy skirt is to photograph on the day, and it is also beautiful to capture while dancing. They are such a versatile type of skirt when it comes to a wedding so do consider the amount of movement in your skirt when you are choosing your elopement dress.

Be True to You:

This is your big day, so make sure you be true to yourself and don’t be afraid to choose something that is your own distinct style – as we have said, it may not be a wedding dress! You don’t need to consider the latest fashions here, as long as you are wearing something that you feel amazing in and it is comfortable, warm and versatile then you can guarantee no regrets. 

At Lost in Love, we have seen people getting married in all sorts of great garb – from sexy pantsuits to different colored dresses and even a jumpsuit. When you feel good, you look great so get your shine on baby!

elopement dress shopping queenstown lost in love

Online Dress Shopping

If you plan to go online to find your outfit, then we have some great tips for you. 

General tips:

You will want to find materials that are forgiving in nature, have a nice sheen to them but are not too ‘shiny’ and reflective. 

A dress with a pattern to it or special features, such as lace or another pattern tends to draw the eye away from any unflattering aspects. 

Certain styles with a princess cut, fitted bodice or other types of corset make adjustments much harder. If you are buying online, be prepared to have a good seamstress on hand who can do some adjustments when your dress arrives. 

Order in plenty of time! Think about how you will transport your dress. Materials that are Ok to travel and won’t get ruined on a lengthy flight are what you are looking for. 

You cannot supply too much information to your online dressmaker, so give them all the info they need to create your dream dress. 

Wedding specific:

Measurements: This is important, so pay attention! 

Make sure to take your exact measurements and fit them to the dress you are wanting to say ‘I Do,’ in. Sizing does vary from brand to brand, so do not take a ‘one size fits all,’ approach! 

Thicker fabrics are more flattering in a wedding gown, as well as not being see-through. 

Do your research by taking the time to go through online reviews, and checking out any real-life photos of customers who have bought the same item. 

Dresses with thicker material, elegant A-line cuts and a fabric which is able to flow down to the lower half of your body, are the most flattering on most body types. 

Elopement tip –  you could also consider having your dress couriered to where you plan to marry, so that is already there when you arrive. Make sure to track your parcel! Most accommodation options will accept a parcel on your behalf in time for your arrival. 

Or you can even send it to our CEO Kate’s house!

Pitfalls to watch for: 

Make sure to watch out for online shopping sites with a bad reputation. Do your research but here are a few that are well known to fall short of what they promise: 


JJ House 

Are both on the naughty list. Be aware of the cheaper versions of the dress you thought you bought at these and many other online stores of bad reputation. A simple search into ratings of online shopping spots will help you to avoid falling into that trap. 

Top Sites

The online shopping sites below are well known for good reason, check them out for yourself, but also ask around friends and others you might know who love a bit of online shopping, for any other trusted sites. 

ASOS Bridal has affordable dresses with a variety of styles available, and have been trusted as a numero uno online shopping site since online shopping was a thing. 

Lulu’s Bridal is also known as one of the most trusted and loved online boutique shop for all things bridal – perfect for an elopement dress that is also one of a kind. 

MLM has your more classic lines of dresses which are not too heavy on the bridal front – so you can find an elopement dress that is less traditional while knowing you can trust this brand to deliver well-made dresses. 

Amazon has also been up and coming in the bridal sector – many people don’t actually know this, but it’s a very affordable option although it can be a bit hit and miss, and of course, you can count on Amazon to get your item to you in good time. 

Bridesmaid dresses 

If you are choosing to have bridesmaids then the bridesmaid’s dress is also a big deal and one which can keep you up at night trolling through pages and pages of options. To cut down your time and possibly frustration, you can check out the sites below for some excellent options.

Sheike (Shipping only $14.99) 


Shopbop (Free shipping over $100) 

The Iconic (Free shipping and returns) 

buying your elopement dress lost in love elopement new zealand

Colors that work on most skin tones are textured black, navy, deep green, rose gold pink and chocolate brown. 

Finding the perfect style to fit all sizes is a challenge! A wrap dress can solve this for you and looks great on just about anyone. It can be a pain though, if you are going for any kind of trek for photos – bigger busted bridesmaids may not be fans of the wrap.

You could try variations of the same dress style, like a slinky strappy number but in different tones for each bridesmaid or contrasting soft colors. For example, gold, brown, soft pink and mint green. Vintage is also a great option and can add some difference to your wedding party. 

Remember, it is always nice to be able to repurpose a dress so be kind to your bridesmaids and find something that can be worn again.

So there you have it, all your online shopping tips and tricks for tracking down the perfect wedding elopement dress for your big day!

Good luck out there, hopefully, you find the perfect thing and all your online shopping dreams come through!

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