Starting a New Chapter with a Lake Lochnagar Elopement, Queenstown

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Meike & Nico

“The Adventure Package”

lake lochnagar elopement lost in love queenstown

Love Story

When they first met, Meike thought Nico was just a holiday acquaintance…

But when Meike moved to Nico’s hometown for University, everything shifted. All of a sudden the guy she thought she was never gonna see again,  lives just around the corner from her University. Eventually, all the gym run-ins, partying and hanging out blossomed into a friendship that resulted in a beautiful Lake Lochnagar elopement ceremony, with its crystal waters as the witness. Germany housed a lot of amazing memories and the first chapters of their life together, and now they’ve embarked on another chapter of their adventure building a home together in New Zealand.

Accommodation: Fern Hill Airbnb

Ceremony: Lake Lochnagar

Couple’s photos: Coromandel Peak

On the day

Tom, the videographer, and I met with the couple up at Fern Hill where they rented an awesome Airbnb with their best friends from Wellington. It has always been Meike’s dream to move to New Zealand from Germany, where they first met. Thankfully, Nico followed her and they’ve built an amazing life here together.

We shot their getting-ready photos separately, before setting up a “first look” on the balcony, which turned out to be such a beautiful moment. We then drove to Southern Glacier Lakes Helicopters for a flight to Lochnagar and during the flight, we witnessed the beauty of the turquoise lake glistening below which brought huge smiles to the couple’s faces. Once we landed, Tom and I chose a ceremony location right by the lake with a beautiful waterfall as a background, which was the perfect addition to the breathtaking setting.

Since the couple couldn’t decide which two of their friends to be witnesses, they decided to draw straws, and the two boys got the long straws so they did the honours. After Andrew Bell, the Celebrant, gave an amazing ceremony, we said goodbye to their friends who flew back to Queenstown while we continued our journey to Coromandel Peak for some gorgeous golden hour photos. After that, we dropped the newlyweds off at Kamana Lakehouse for their booking at The Nest restaurant to celebrate their Lochnagar elopement by having dinner with their friends and then into town to party the night away.


Celebrant: Andrew Bell / @andrewbellcelebrant

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