A Spiritual, Dream-Come-True Elopement at Coromandel Peak, Wanaka

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Love Story

One of the first things that Ben noticed about Mikaela was her eyes

Not just because they were mesmerizing, but because when he looked at them, he felt safe. Looking into her eyes, he found a home, respect, a life without judgement and a relationship full of understanding. The stories they’ve collected together through the years are unmatched and a testament to how authentic and true these two have been to each other. Mikaela and Ben had always dreamed of travelling to New Zealand even before they met, and now they’ve made that dream come true, together, with an adventure-filled elopement at Coromandel Peak in Wanaka.

Accommodation: Airbnb Arrow Junction 

Ceremony: Coromandel Peak

Couple’s Photos: Deer Park Heights

On the day

It was a gorgeous summer day when we met the couple at Wanaka Helicopters. It was Mikaela and Ben’s first time riding in a helicopter so they were ecstatic when we flew to Coromandel Peak for their ceremony. Once we landed, Siobhan, the celebrant, and I picked a nice and flat location overlooking the lake and the islands below. Ben & Mikaela decided to take their shoes off and get married while feeling the warm earth beneath their bare feet, which was absolutely beautiful and sentimental.

They had an amazing and meaningful ceremony, each professed their lovely vows to the other while Siobhan poured a jar of water from the lake to cleanse their wedding rings. Mikaela was magical with her floaty dress that caught the wind perfectly, and Ben looked smart with his black suit and bow tie. After the ceremony, we popped some champagne (it actually popped off on its own ‘cause it was so hot that day!) and ran around the mountain getting lots of different viewpoints for the couple’s photos and soaking up the breathtaking views of Wanaka. After that, we jumped back into our cars and drove over the Crown Range mountains, back to Queenstown where we went up Deer Park Heights and witnessed the most spectacular sunset. 

Summer sunsets are always the best up there! 


Celebrant: Siobhain the Celebrant / @siobhainthecelebrant

HMUA: Tussock Hair and Makeup / @tussockhairandmakeup

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