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Get ready to strap on your adventure boots, grab your partner’s hand, and head on out to glorious Queenstown. This stunning destination is the perfect place to elope and start your next chapter in life. From exciting, adrenaline-pumping activities to lowkey and romantic experiences, Queenstown has it all. Let’s jump in and explore some of the amazing activities to experience on your Destination Elopement in magical Queenstown.

Choose the perfect location

Choosing the perfect location for you as a couple is one of the crucial choices you’ll have to make when planning an elopement in Queenstown. Take your time to research and explore all of the area’s beautiful natural spaces, from mountain peaks to secluded spots around the local lakes. We will then take care of any helicopter trips, in addition to private land bookings or Department of Conservation permits,  so you can relax and dream about your upcoming day.

Our Fave Heli Locations

Best Free Elopement Locations in Queenstown

Make it Yours

Eloping is all about celebrating your romance and that special bond you have with your partner. To make your elopement truly unique, be sure to include personal touches. Write your own vows, include special items or traditions, employ a local musician or you can hire a floral arch for your ceremony.  Make your decisions meaningful and genuine to you.

Add Adventure

Get ready to be stunned by the breathtaking scenery, you will be in awe of Queenstown’s surrounding mountain peaks and sparkling lakes. What better way to experience this incredible location than to book a skydive or take a helicopter tour? You will enjoy a bird’s eye perspective of the awe-inspiring landscape that will stun you, leaving you with priceless memories. If you’re seeking something a little more grounded, how about a romantic stroll around the beautiful Queenstown Gardens? Enjoy a picnic by the lake, surrounded by pretty flowers and lush foliage. Alternatively, you can enjoy the stunning scenery by enjoying a leisurely bike ride along Lake Wakatipu’s shoreline. 

Low Key Activities:

Here are some chill activities for all of you out there that prefer peace and quiet and much rather enjoy a nice stroll and unwind.

Adventure to Milford Sound

One of New Zealand’s most stunning locations is Milford Sound and a cruise along the fjord is a must-do experience. You’ll discover magnificent waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, and frolicking dolphins and seals. You won’t forget the beautiful experience,  that’s a promise.

Unwinding and pampering

You may want to take some time out to rest and relax after the thrill of your elopement day. There are several possibilities for spa services, hot tubs, and massages in Queenstown. Spend a day pampering yourself and let all the tension of organising and preparing, go. A romantic couples massage is another option to honour your special elopement day.

How about something more mellow?

There are several options in Queenstown for those of you who might like something more mellow. Visit a winery and sample some regional wines after a lovely drive through the countryside, or before you unwind in a hot spring and let your cares drift away. The following are some of our favourite places to enjoy a delicious drink:

Little Blackwood 

Think cheese boards, wine and cocktail tastings, topped off with mountain views. Little Blackwood in Queenstown is situated right at the edge of the lake and offers a backdrop of incredible mountain views from the outside space. Definitely a favourite hangout spot. 

The Winery 

Queenstown is renowned for its wine, and The Winery proves that. The heart of Queenstown is the perfect venue to sample more than 80 of New Zealand’s finest wines. Enjoy a glass and explore on your own as a couple, or sign up for wine-tasting classes and join a tour. 


One of Queenstown’s hippest spots to hang out. Yonder has it all: gorgeous interior design, excellent coffee, delicious food, and fun nightlife. Enjoy the buzzing atmosphere and their unique food and drink menu. 

Up for some adventure? Try zip-lining or bungee jumping instead! There’s a reason Queenstown is dubbed the adventure capital of the world. Take the risk, jump off a bridge, or soar through the trees to experience the adrenaline rush. It’s an exciting and memorable way to honour your love connection and create lifelong memories.

Other adventurous activities to discover:

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Consider a hot air balloon ride over the Queenstown region for a memorable and unique experience! Enjoying a glass of champagne while floating serenely above the mountains and lakes, you can take in the memorable views. It’s the ideal way to begin your special elopement day.


Some of the most stunning hiking paths in the world are based around Queenstown. There is something for everyone, whether you like a leisurely stroll or a strenuous excursion. While the Routeburn Track leads you through some of the most incredible landscapes in the nation, the Queenstown Hill hike provides beautiful views of the town and Lake Wakatipu.


Heli-skiing is an exciting experience for active couples that love to ski. You’ll be flown to a distant mountainous area where you can snowboard or ski down untracked powder slopes. Your elopement day will be absolutely unique thanks to this thrilling and exclusive experience!


Try skydiving over Queenstown for the ultimate rush. From a height of 15,000 feet, you will freefall while admiring expansive views of the town, lakes, and mountains below. Your wonderful elopement day will be made even more memorable by this unforgettable experience.

And let’s not overlook Queenstown’s delicious food options!

Spend a special evening with your significant other at one of the town’s many excellent restaurants. There is something for every taste bud!

Ferg Baker, Burger & Bar 

Visit Ferg Bakery if you haven’t enjoyed a New Zealand meat pie yet; they are genuinely among the best. Additionally, the famous Ferg Burger is right next door, and Mrs. Ferg offers mouthwatering gelato all year long!

Bespoke Kitchen 

You must eat breakfast at Bespoke! You can eat breakfast anywhere, but these people have got it down. They are also known for their breakfast boards, which come with side Chia pots and freshly squeezed juices. Such a wholesome way to start the day.

Asian Fusion 

Here in Queenstown, we have some fantastic Asian fusion cuisine. Excellent rotis are available at Hawker and Roll in the Mall. For Japanese food, Tanoshi is the absolute best option, and White & Wongs is bombastic for an Asian-inspired dinner. 

So, if you’re considering eloping and looking for a place that offers the ideal mix of romance and adventure, Queenstown is the best option. A truly unforgettable elopement adventure awaits you in Queenstown. You’re in for a treat no matter what you choose to do on your elopement day, that much is clear. You will undoubtedly find the perfect activity to celebrate your love in this wonderful location, whether you are a hopeless romantic or an adrenaline junkie (or both!). You’ll probably end up wanting to extend your visit!

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