A Magical Samhain Elopement at Coromandel Peak, Queenstown

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“The Adventure Package”

Love Story

Diana and Tim celebrated their love by welcoming the dark half of the year with an elopement at Coromandel Peak…

In the three years that Diana and Tim have been together, there was not a shortage of laughter, love, and support. Through the years, this couple has continued to choose each other, and with that, their relationship only grew stronger. They share a love for adventure and have travelled everywhere together, celebrating the beautiful gift that is nature.  Diana and Tim have decided to have their elopement at Coromandel Peak and declare their vows to each other on Samhain. During this time it is believed that barriers between the physical world and the spirit world break down, making their union not only a promise in a world that we’re walking on, but also to the worlds beyond. It truly is amazing how fate can put these two souls together. Two hearts beating as one and two souls deeply connected to Earth.

Accommodation: Stoneridge Estate

Ceremony: Coromandel Peak

Couple’s Photos: Coromandel Peak, Stoneridge Estate

On the Day

Diana and Tim flew from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. A place in the United States that’s quite similar to Queenstown but without lakes and less impressive mountains 😉

Diana absolutely adores autumn, so they flew all the way to New Zealand to elope, since it’s autumn this time of the year. The couple stayed at the gorgeous Stoneridge Estate, which boasts a magnificent vineyard and an amazing view of Lake Hayes. We were meant to go to Earnslaw Burn, unfortunately, the top of the glacier was covered in clouds so we regrouped and decided to move their elopement at Coromandel Peak instead. Their celebrant Sarah Noble gave a heartfelt ceremony highlighting Diana’s love for the seasons and we had such a lovely time capturing their love in photos. 

At sunset, we came back down and took golden-hour photos at the beautiful grounds of Stoneridge Estate, which had a little pond and Diana and Tim had so much fun playing with the leaves. We then had some champagne to finish up a beautiful day celebrating the newlywed’s successful Adventure Elopement.


Celebrant: Sarah Noble / @sarahnoblecelebrant

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