Making it Official: An Amazing Family Elopement at Jackspoint, NZ

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Stacey and Dylon

“The Quickie Package”

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Love Story

Stacey and Dylon’s love story started with a sad tragedy but they got their happy ending…

Stacey and Dylon met when his Uncle Robbie sadly passed away. Nobody knew that this tragic chapter in their lives would bring them together, sparking a beautiful relationship. Now, with their two boys, Stacey and Dylon have decided to make it official, and since they are not huge fans of a traditional wedding for their ceremony, they decided to elope instead. Their family has always been adventurous, from snowboarding to camping and beach trips, they have always celebrated what life has to offer, as a family. Now, they would embark on a new adventure together, as Stacey and Dylon share their promises of forever with a beautiful family elopement in the beautiful Jackspoint, Queenstown.

Accommodation: Airbnb at Goldfield Heights
Ceremony: Jackspoint
Couple’s Photos: Jackspoint

On the day

I met Stacey and Dylon on a beautiful crisp day at their Airbnb in Goldfield Heights, on the day of their elopement. They stayed at a gorgeous Airbnb, so Stacey wanted some getting-ready photos with the family and their boys with Dylon on the deck. They all wore matching outfits from Country Road, which was amazing since the whole family just coordinated beautifully.

We then drove to Jackspoint where we went straight down to the waterfront, where we took some super cute photos of the family and Couple Photos of Stacey and Dylon. We went up to the field and met Judith, the Celebrant, and had a beautiful and touching ceremony, with the boys holding hands while their parents said their lovely vows to each other.

The gang ended the day by popping champagne and capturing more couple’s photos for the newlyweds. The kids spread out a blanket and had a little picnic, watching the sun go down and admiring the gorgeous Queenstown view.


Celebrant: Judith
Suit: Barkers / @barkersclothing
Kids outfits: Country Road / @countryroad
Stacey’s shoes: Mipiaci / @mi_piaci
Boots: Country Road

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