Winter Elopement: Celebrating Love through Hard Times in Queenstown

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Lisette & Jean Baptiste

“The Quickie Package”

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Love Story

Two lovers from the opposite side of the globe found unexpected love in Sydney…

Lisette and Jean Baptiste may be from opposite sides of the world, but soulmates will always find each other no matter what. During the trying times of 2020, these two found comfort in each other through adventurous walks and mundane grocery trips. Not long after, they also started to lean on each other through hard times. Lisette brings out the adventurous in Jean Baptiste. He in turn grounds her, offering a safety blanket, perfectly balancing their relationship. Now they’ve come all the way to gorgeous Queenstown for a winter elopement. Celebrating their union with a whole new promise to each other. A promise of love, friendship and adventure.

Accommodation: Queenstown Park Hotel
Ceremony: Cecil Peak
Couple’s Photos: Cecil Peak

On the day

I first met Lisette over Zoom. She hasn’t told their family that she was planning to come over to Queenstown from Sydney with Jean Baptiste to have a winter elopement. She also hasn’t told them that she was 12 weeks pregnant, so it was all going to be a big wonderful surprise for everyone.

On the 6th of June, I picked them up at Queenstown Park Hotel and we went straight to the airport where we met with Siobhain and flew up to Cecil Peak. It was such an incredible day, with magnificent blue bird skies and the fresh snow on Cecil Peak, we couldn’t get over how gorgeous it was! It was also not as cold as expected, so warm in fact we didn’t even need coats. Such a bonus and just added to the excitement of the day.

Lisette and Jean Baptiste had a beautiful ceremony, everyone could just feel the love. We could tell that these two were absolutely head over heels in love with each other. Siobhain even put on a few of their favourite songs while we had champagne. We had a bit of a bop with a Dirty Dancing song in the background. We were able to capture the love between the newlyweds in the photos, with the absolutely remarkable view of snowy mountain peaks as the background. It was such a magical day, with two people celebrating how absolutely beautiful their love is. And how even a small, private elopement in the mountains can be the biggest display of true love.


Celebrant: Siobhain Hooper / @siobhainthecelebrant

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